Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Disable/Hide controls if current logged in user is not a member in SharePoint Group – Nintex Forms for Office 365


We had a business requirement where we have to hide some controls, if the current logged in user is not a member of a particular SharePoint group. We were developing the forms using Nintex Forms for Office 365.


You can use Rules to achieve the requirement.

Step 01

Select the controls which you have to hide and add a Rule.

Step 02

Define the Rule Type as “Formatting”

Step 03

Use this formula

not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup('Your SharePoint Group Name'))

Add your SharePoint group name within brackets. (In my case AERAdmins is the SharePoint group Name)


Step 04

Select Disable and Hide from formatting.




You can see the entire form from the below screen shot.


You can download the form, you can import and have a look.

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