Monday, August 7, 2017

Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum monthly gathering – August

Come join us on 9th, August 2017 for Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum monthly gathering.

I will be speaking on "Build SharePoint Online Workflows and Customize Forms Using Nintex for Office 365"

Event Url:


Updated On: 09th of August 2017

Slides which used for the event.

Some clicks during the event

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Friday, August 4, 2017

SharePoint Modern Page Quick links web part missing Layout option?


Some of the Microsoft documented features, which are related Office 365 to are not available for some tenants. I noticed that from SharePoint Online modern experiences – some of the features were missing. Here is the conversation I started.

It’s because my tenant is not configured to First Release

First release candidates receives the Office 365 updates immediately.


According to, Quick links web part in SharePoint Modern Pages should show a "layout" option where we can select either Compact or Film Strip. But my development site and client's site doesn't show such options. Any idea?

My developer site is given below.



I added my tenant to “First release for selected users” in Office 365 Admin Center.

Step 01. Go to Admin Center from the Quick Launch

Step 02. Select “Organization profile” under Setting.

imageStep 03. Under Release preferences, select Edit under Actions dropdown


Step 04. Selection the option “First release for selected users” and click Next


Step 05. Click Yesimage

Step 06. Then you have to add people. I have added people who are managing sites, because they are the people who are going to customize the sites.  

And then Hit Save



Once I did the above configuration, I was able to see the First Release features in my Office 365 Tenant. It may take some time.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to request for a code review in Visual Studio - Tamil

This is my first YouTube session related to Technology.

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback and your feedback will definitely help me a lot in future.

Remove the Header area from the Modern SharePoint pages


Recently one of clients wants to remove the header area from their SharePoint modern page which consume lot of space.

Till date SharePoint Online doesn’t provide such feature to remove the header.



Step 01. Open the particular page in SharePoint Designer and edit using Advanced Editor 

Step 02. Change Page Layout Type from Article to Home. For that search for <mso:PageLayoutType and change the value as given below.

<mso:PageLayoutType msdt:dt="string">Home</mso:PageLayoutType>


Now the header is gone.


Access Denied

If you get “Access Denied” error, follow this link and get resolved.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Develop SharePoint Framework projects in Visual Studio 2015/2017


You will come across so many tutorials on SharePoint Framework (SPFx) which were illustrated using “Visual Studio Code”. But don’t worry you can develop SPFx projects using Visual Studio.

Recently “SPFx Project Template for Visual Studio” was released in GitHub. In this post we are going to see how to install “SPFX Template” and create a new SPFx project after installing the extension.

As of today the extension supports Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017.


Step 01

Go to GitHub Releases page and download the latest .vsix file. Reason for downloading from GitHub is that you may not find the latest in Visual Studio Extension Gallery.


Step 02

Double click on the download template and install.

Select the Products and click install.


Step 03

Open Visual Studio and add New Project (File –> New –> Project)

Under Templates you will see “SharePoint Framework”. Select it and click OK


Step 04

Then you have to Select a framework which you are going to use; Give Component Name and Component Description.

Also you can select the check box if you don’t want to install Dependencies. Usually installing dependencies make our life easier, So keep it as it is.

Click on Generate.



It took me around 15 minutes to create a new project. So keep calm when you are trying to create a new project.

Your solution will be looking as below and you can start working on the solution.


Run the project by clicking “Start” and your first Workbench project will be opened in the browser.


By clicking on + You can add SPFx webpart. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Content Search in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center


Content Search in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center let us to search for emails, documents, Skype for business conversation, Microsoft Teams data and threads, Office 365 groups, SharePoint Online items and more.


Go to and Select “Content Search” under “Search and investigation”


Real world examples

I would like to address some real world example where we can use Content Search and if you come across few more please comment; so that all will know.

  • Get all documents with one or more particular word in documents which are stored in SharePoint Online or OneDrive
  • You notice that data belongs to a particular department is shared with another. So you have to search for all the user’s emails, chat history and other Office 365 services.
  • What confidential information are shared in public folders. You can search by one or more term.
  • Get Search statistics for audit purposes.
  • Want to exports keyword statistics to a local location.
  • Are people discussion on a particular topic in Microsoft Teams.
  • Check whether a client contacted your business team through Skype for Business.

and many more.

New Search

You can click on +, give a name for the search, provide search location.

Also you can give some conditions.


Search Results

You can see the Search results from the below image.


You can click on Preview search results and navigate to detailed preview and also from there you can navigate to original url and see the original item.



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Going to delete a Microsoft Teams channel and recreate it – Read this...

Problem Background

I deleted a channel in Microsoft Teams and when I try to recreate the channel there was a error message saying “Another channel already has that name. Try a different one.”


So, till date (12th of July 2017) Microsoft Teams don’t allow to create a channel with the same name which was already deleted.

See this thread for more.


Let’s say you have to delete a channel and recreate with the same name. What you can do it simply rename the channel and delete it.

Once you delete with the new name you can create with the old name but not the new.


We all hope that Microsoft will provide us a solution to overcome this issue and in future we can use PowerShell to do a hard delete.